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Question Reality

It is the year 1296, and the Tolarian woods are buzzing with the sounds of weary travelers. These woods have long been an outpost for travelers, and has always been a safe place to take a rest, and enjoy life. Soon after the Tolarian forest became a popular rest-stop, a settlment was established, and peasents from the south set up plantations and homes. Now, Tolaria was not JUST a small out post along the Elendir trail, but it was a small town, a place you could sit down and have a drink, a place to feel safe from the mysteries of the wilderness.

The peacfullness and sanctity of this wonderfull place was one day corrupted, when the Southern Hordes of Barbarians made camp in Northern foot-hills over looking the town. The Barbarians made it known that they had every intention of OWNING these woods, and that know one would get in their way. This particular horde was led by the Imfomous Riel the Defiler, a barabrian well known to many who occupied the town.

At the same time the Barbarians made their presence in Tolaria, a groupe of three radicle religiouse fundementalists knows as, "Repentists" strolled into town, and made their presence known.

When finding out about the Barbarian invasian, they made it known to all, that they would not let the land of Orith (their god),be corrupted by these sons of evil. They, led my the High Preist Dorial, led a resistance against the barbarian invaders. All who fought agasint the barbarians met their fate on the field of battle, lying amongst the trees they died protecting. The Repentists were slaughterd, and Dorial's body was hung from the highest tree, so that no one would dare challange the might of Riel's Army.

The woods of Tolaria now are under the constant eye of Cheif Riel, and all who come to stay in these woods run the risk of meeting the same fate those brave missionaries did.

Despite Riel's reign over all who enter the woods, there was one brave groupe of souls who dared stand agaisnt him. Led by the courageuos Leoric the Spartan,
seven souls dared challenge his might, and all fell in doing so. Their deaths were not in vain how ever, for only three Barabrians did remain after the day of reckoning.

Riel's Might was tested once again by the travelers whom inhabited the woods. The travellers fought in seperate bands insted of fighting as for a single virtuos casue. A band of travelling warriors who were easily corrupted by the wealth and might of Riel were the first to challange his might. The warriors, after challanging him saw that despite Riel's decreasing numbers, they could not defeat him and offered to join him. The second party of travellers were lead by a an oculltist named Azerath: The Fourth Fallen. He a a small band of followers attacked the Barbarian camp after their Sacred Idols were sacked and stolen from their place of worship. The battle that occured was one of sheer brutality and virulance. The men that swore their alliegance to Riel turned on him, in an attempt to destroy the satanic blasphemors, but they who touble-crossed Riel met their fate at the Hand of Azerath's men. After the Slaying of the Traitors, Riel and his remaining soldeirs were attacked. Riel suffered a seemingly mortal wound, but his will to fighte kept him alive. As for Azerath, he too lived to fight another day.

It was almost dusk when the Barbarians destroyed and sacked the dwellings and smouted the citizens of Tolaria......Azerath fell in defence of the fear stricken, yet his apprentice managed to avoid the wrath of Riels Army.

With the Dispersion of the Barbarians from the woods, Dezderon came anew and bustled with the paaaing of weary travalers, and was once again graced by the presence of the elves. Comadore Brychanus (Luitennant of Dezderon) devised a plot to rid the woods of the evil that lurked in the southern edges of its domain. The wicked deciple of Azerath, who had sworn to uphold his alleigance to the DARK, had been caught summoning Deamons into the Keilenthori woods, and had been targeted by the Arch-Mage of Dezderon, ERYQ. What began as a Magic battle between SEREHOTH and ERYQ, turned into an ambush agaisnt the forces of good, fortunalty Serehoth was casted back deep into the woods, and his demonic forced were kept at bay.