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In the forest, one can ones true self.
Enter into the world of Live Action Role Play (LARP), where the forces of magic and the thrill of combat decide your fate. It is here, where your imagination will be set free into reality. Come weary traveler, come and find yourself.

Due to the amount of boffer weapons put on loan for events JLAG will now be requirering that all players borrowing boffer weapons will pay a
1$ fee for use of the weapon during the entire event

Good Day to you visitors.

Have you ever read a book where you found yourself wishing you could live your life as the heroic warriors and the noble wizards that you're reading about? Have you ever found yourself taking on the persona of a character you have read or heard about for no apparent reason? If so, then Junior Live Action Guild of Hackensack NJ is for you! Here at Junior Live Action Guild, we create an atmosphere where teenagers from 13-18 years of age can live out their wildest imaginations in real life. Junior Live Action Guild is an organization dedicated to the arts of medieval/fantasy combat, diplomacy, and interaction. At Junior Live Action Guild, teens can create an alternate reality and take a trip back into the past living the life of a warrior, wizard, knight, elf, or any other being that exists in the realm of your imagination. Your world is determined by your actions. Choose wisely and godspeed.


Let your imagination run free

Attnetion!... The first Annual JLAG
In-Game Awards Luncheon is coming up...Ill be sure to post the date and location as soon as i make arrangments.

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