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Juinor Live Action Guild of Hackensack NJ

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November 13th
 With the arrival of a band of mercenary-theives to Dezderon, Sgt. Vollorn, Lukin of Mezeroth, Bordor of the Costal Realm, Cheif Riel, and Sir Asturus Bolden, were confronted with a crippling dilema. With an innital armed confrontation between the rouges and the said townsmen, tearms were struck, giving the rouges half of Dezderons treasury, and allying them selves with the forces of Dezderon, to repell the coming onslought from the Tielian Invaders. In the midst of this agreament, Lukin decided it would be fitting to secretly behead one of the rouges who was lost in the forest, thus terminating our tearms of peace. Despite this act of murder, both the rouges and the men of Dezderon were able to fend off 3 waves of Tielian Soldiers, and had held the town for the time being. But now the predicament of Lukins fate was to be decided. Lukin had commited murder, disobeyed direct orders, and disrespected a banner or truce. Despite Lukins nobility in the halls of Mezeroth, these crimes were punishable by death, a sentece that our allies deemd fit. While waiting his execution, Lukin escaped, most likley seeking refuge in Mezeroth.

Junior Live Action Guild. Hackensack NJ, 07601 USA