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These Rules have been given to me by a LARP writer in Europe. I have agreed to playtest the selected rules at our JLAG events

 First off... I figured we could all use some spicyer rules at our events, so i fugured it would be great to play test these Rules from LFR (Live Fantacy Roleplay) from Europe. I was contacted by the writer of these rules, saying that he is looking for larps to adopt his rules system. If we do decide to use his system, we will become the first international chapter of LFR, yet will also be JLAG.




Ages ago the ancient realms were shattered by a catastrophe of universal proportions.  Insane wizards working for the cruel and evil Empire opened the realm to the unknown, blasphemous, and mysterious Bane Void. What followed cannot be fathomed. Dimensions of fey, fantasy and history were horribly torn asunder and reformed. People and creatures from different times (pre 1600 A.D.) and places were thrown into the newly reformed world know as the Middle Realms. The various Middle Realms that the players live in are islands of wilderness all separated by the Waste. The Waste is a dark black charred stinking cursed wilderness with no animals or plants save for masses of rotting undead, horrible monsters and fierce humanoids.

The age that followed was known as the Times of Darkness.  This is the new Dark Age. New lands in between the Waste are being discovered each and every day. New homes, villages, towns, and castles have to be rebuilt from the scraps of destruction. Groups of survivors are still appearing in the various Middle Realms from the Waste. Many of the newly formed countries as soon as they are able gather armies and war with others in waves of conquest. Worse than that, many a would be Emperor with only the smallest trace of his lineage claim a new Empire. There is a new greater horrifying threat upon the bleak horizon. Armies of fearsome humanoids and the living dead are forming in the bleak tainted Waste and attacking all of the Middle Realms. Some lands have been destroyed and swallowed up by the Waste. So you see this is a world desperately in need of heroes!


This is the Living Fantasy Realm. It is a world within your world. You become a hero or villain of legend. Start new countries, holds, and lands. Become a leader of a mercenary group or thieves guild. Build a financial empire as a guild master or merchant The LFR is not your standard interactive theater or live action role playing game. It is a living game world! Combat is second to role-playing. Personas must be developed and skills must be mastered. Let the play begin! Huzzah!



As you walk into the village glad to be finally finding civilization you see a group of three guards walk toward you. “We want no trouble in our village dog so just you remember that!” You are smiling as you pick their pockets clean of all their coins. You fade into the crowd and to the tavern.


You have the skill of Pickpocket level 2. You hold up two fingers saying Pickpocket level 2. They have a notice of level 1. They hold up one finger and say Notice level one. Your score beats theirs and you steal all three guards bags of money and a letter! They being honorable personas act accordingly and notice not the thievery until they arrive at the tavern to buy drinks! If they’re really good they will search any and all strangers and known criminals they see possibly attracting the local thieves guild/gang that there is a new thief in town. Unless their bags are marked in some way they won’t know if the new thief in town did steal their money so they will have to let you go.


Now the guards are watching you and the thieves’ guild/gang is looking for the new talent to recruit or remove. You look at the letter and notice that you can’t read it. It is written in some strange tongue. You start looking for a sage or wizard to read this letter. Your first ten minute in town and you’re already in heaps of trouble.


These are just a few of the things that could occur in the Living Fantasy Realm!



 YOUR PERSONA. Your persona is the most important aspect of the LFR. A persona is the part that you play. You must decide what you want you persona to be. Your persona must be from renaissance /middle ages/dark ages or from a fantasy setting. A brave warrior, a crafty merchant, sly thief, a craftsman, a pious cleric, a woodwise ranger, a dying fish? Unlike most LARPs  and Interactive Theaters there are no character classes. There are no weapon and armor restrictions. The system balances out all things. Everyone has skill points to spend. The Higher you want your attributes the lower the amount of skill points you get. You really don’t need to have a persona that fights. A merchant persona can have just as much fun as a warrior on the field. Be wary of long time personas they can be very powerful. Some can be Legends. (Hint of more to come!)

There are 3 numbers and a persona type below. What does all this mean? Well read on!

1. The first number is the total amount of skill points you have to spend.

2. The second number is the highest level that you can start out with maximum is 5 in any skill (for now!).

3. The third number is the maximum amount of disabilities and flaws that you can get. Getting a disability gives you bonus points to spend somewhere else. Skills that can be a disability will have a < symbol at the end of their description.

6/3/2 The specialist persona very skilled at a few abilities.

8/2/4 The skilled persona is skilled at many abilities.

10/1/6 The broad based persona is a jack of all trades master of none.

EXAMPLE: Kevin wants to make a thief. He decides his name will be Jarfaroo. He wants to be able to do many skills so he decides on an 8/2/4 persona. He picks Pick Pockets at 2, Pick Locks at 2, Stealth at 2, Toughness at 1, and Strength at 1. He wants to have a few more skill points to spend so he is going to lower some other stats. He chooses Status (R) of -1 and spends the point on Streetwise (R). He notes his TK of 4 and a Stamina Score of 250 and a Wealth of 5 gold. After all skills are picked out you must register with the Sentinels on duty. What is TK and Stamina scores? Well read on!



While most of the LARP concentrates on Personas of the Good persuasion this LARP can be different. This LARP does not only concentrate on only the good personas. If your persona is a bad guy you can get a lot of special insight and treatment as well as free stuff. Know that you will not live very long being blatantly evil. Being a double agent for the bad guys and sabotaging the good guys every move can be very satisfying.


"The choice is dark or light! So be careful of the dark! It can make you more powerful for the moment but what does a man gain if he has lost his soul" Old Dwarven saying.



Races in the LFR are done a bit differently. First there are no special rules for any races save what you have already written before you. You can model a certain persona towards a race that you like. For instance a wood elf might have Woodwise, Agility, and Accuracy skills, and Specialist in a bow. This frees the game to many more races and better more satisfied players. Make any race you want! Just make the costume really good!


Elves -Those pointed eared guys who live in fantasy worlds all over. They normally live and reign in the forest in a lifestyle totally alien to ours.  Depending on where they are from some is small while other are quite tall. Most actually are man sized. Elves prefer Long Swords and Bows to any other weapon. 

Garb-Pointed ears. Neat Costume


Fey-These are the winged, immortal unless killed, creatures of the fairy veil. They commonly look like scantly clad winged females. Some can really look monstrous and horrible. They come in two courts Seelie (the good) and the Unseelie (the evil). There are some rumors of Non-seelie. Each and every fey society is completely different from another. LFR players are encouraged to create new fey races. 

Garb- Wings, horns, pointed ears, or whatever you can think of.



Dwarves- They Dwarves also known as the miner folk are short stocky bearded race of miners. Some are completely subterranean while others live in hills far from mankind. Some have been as small as four foot but most are man sized or shorter.

Garb - Short and stocky looking garb. All Dwarves have beards even the girls.


Gnomes- The Gnomes also known as hill folk are an ancient race of tinkers and smiths. They are known by their large noses. They are the same size of dwarves just more lightly built Gnomes favor illusion and trickery type spells. They enjoy tinkering with magic and science combined. Gnomes are quite forgetful.  

Garb - Large nose, Beard for most gnomish men.


Goblin- A Goblin is a tricky evil dirty green skinned human like creature. They are know by their green skin pointed noses, chins, and ears. Hates all gnomes! Will attack any Gnome on sight if they have a chance to win.

Garb - You must have green skin pointed noses, chins, and ears.


Half-Orc- You are half human half orc. You are though of as stupid and brutish. Many Half Orcs look very orchish while many look completely human if not quite exotic.

Garb - Green to brownish skin. Teeth and pointed ears a standard. No one really knows how a half-orc is to come out.


Halflings- A Halfling are a small race of non adventurous beings. They prefer farming, brewing, eating, and smoking. Their crafts are plain but enduring.

Garb - Large Harry Feet.


Human- You know what a human is I hope.


Orc- An orc is a dirty disgusting pig like humanoid. They live for evil and pain. They are a race of destruction. Even their arts involve pain and suffering.

Garb- Pig like nose, Greenish makeup with any other color mixed in, depending on the tribe.



There will be more races in the Book of LFR Races created by you the player. Feel free to create any race within the limits of the rules.





1. Think up Name, Occupation, and Concept. Decide if you are Good or Evil.

2. Decide if the Character is to be a specialist, skilled, or broad based to get skill points.

3. Look over skill, ability, and spell list and purchase skill, ability, or spell.

4. Equip yourself.

5. Record you HP, Armor, and Damage done by weapons and spells.

6. Start playing





"Where do we begin this tale of great heroes and villains of old? I say from the beginning. That is where everyone begins the beginning." Said Eldrad the Wizard from the Waste.


These are examples of starting personas. Feel free to alter the skills and powers as you see fit, as there are no classes in the LFR. These are only guidelines and are quite helpful for the inexperienced Realmer.

Gear-This is the suggested starting gear before you start playing. This does not count against your starting money. If you have more gear than you should you need to come up with a REAL good story or have to put it aside until you purchase it from an Artisan. 

Common Skills- These are the most common skills to accurately describe the character in a combat setting.

Role Playing Skill- These are the most common skills that a persona would have. Role Playing skills can start out at 5. These skills are just guidelines and you can have any skill you want.

Abilities- These are the most common abilities for a certain occupation. These abilities are just guidelines and you can have any abilities you want.


Academic-A sage of wisdom.

Gear-1 weapon of choice, sack or backpack with 10 or more books. It would be really cool to make some fake books with strange names!

Common Skills-Notice

Role Playing Skills-Academic, Alchemy, Divination, Farmwise, Healing, History, Jeweler, Law, Leadership, Lore, Luck, Mining, Seamanship, Status, Woodwise

Abilities- Iron Will, Language


Artisan-Your artist and craftsman.

Gear- 1 weapon, tools of your craft or art.

Common Skills- Stamina

Role Playing Skills- Armorer, Bower/Fletcher, Haggle, Jeweler, Locksmith, Merchant, Status, Streetwise, Trapsmith, Weaponsmith

Abilities-Smash, Strength


Barbarians- Your primitive fighting man.

Gear- Up to light armor, Large Two-handed Weapon, Furs, Primitive Jewelry, Body Paint

Common Skills- Agility, Notice, Stamina, Willpower

Role Playing Skills- Rope Use, Lore, Seamanship, Woodwise

Abilities- Berserk, Disease Resistance, Group Slam, Hard to Kill, Heroic Toughness, Quick Heal, Poison Resistance, Smash, Strength


Commoner-Your common everyday folk.

Gear-1 weapon

Common Skills-Stamina

Role Playing Skills- Farmwise, Healing, Mining, Woodwise

Abilities- Strength


Entertainer-You performers.

Gear- Musical instrument, play, or poetry, 1 weapon of choice.

Common Skills- Agility, Escape, Notice Stealth

Role Playing Skills-Academic, Gamble, Haggle, History, Jeweler, Leadership, Lore, Streetwise

Abilities-Deflect Missiles



 Fighter- This is your highly trained man at arms, warrior, and solider.

Gear- Up to medium armor, up to 3 weapons or 2 weapons and a shield.

Common Skills-, Agility, Notice, Stamina, Willpower

Role Playing Skills- Armorer, Rope use, Seamanship

Abilities- Accuracy, Disarm, Group Slam, Quick Heal, Smash, Strength Specialist, Stun, Trip


Martial Artist- This is your trained fighting monk, samurai, or ninja warrior.

Gear- Up to heavy armor though most prefer none to light.

Common Skills- Agility, Escape, Notice Stamina, Stealth, Willpower

Role Playing Skills – Alchemy, Healing, Lore

Abilities – Accuracy, Critical Hit, Deflect Missiles, Disable Limbs, Disarm, Dodge, Group Slam, Improved Sight, Improved Hearing


Noble- Your ruling class.

Gear- Up to heavy armor, 5 weapons starting off, shield

Common Skills-Notice, Stamina

Role Playing Skills-Academic, Alchemy, Astrology, Divination, Healing, History, Jeweler, Law, Leadership, Lore, Merchant, Seamanship, Status

Abilities-Iron Will, Specialist, Strength, Wealth


Priest- The Holy men of the world.

Gear-Up to medium armor, 1 weapon of choice, Prayer/Spellbook

Common Skills- Notice, Stamina, Willpower

Role Playing Skills- Academic, Alchemy, Healing, History, Lore, Magical Research

Abilities-Disease Resistance, Iron Will, Language, Poison Resistance, Seer, Strength

Spells-Any spells can be chosen depending on the Mythos.


Rangers- Your woodwise warrior/scout.

Gear-1 weapon, 1 bow if desired, up to light armor, maps of wilderness

Common Skills-, Agility, Escape, Notice, Rope Use, Stamina, Stealth, Willpower

Role Playing Skills-Alchemy, Astrology, Bower/Fletcher, Divination, Farmwise, History, Lore, Seamanship, Woodwise

Abilities- Accuracy, Deflect Missiles, Luck, Specialist, Strength


Rouge- Rogues are your skilled criminal types.

Gear-Up to light armor, 1 weapon

Common Skills-, Agility, Assassination, Counterfeiting, Deactivate, Escape, Forgery, Gambling, Notice, Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, Poisons, Rope Use, Seamanship, Stealth

Role Playing Skills- Forgery, Gamble, Haggle, Jeweler, Locksmith, Lore, Streetwise, Trapsmith,

Abilities- Accuracy, Deflect Missiles, Disarm, Dodge, Stun, Luck, Trip


Wizard- The Wizard is the master of the Powers

Gear-Robes, Spellbook, 1 weapon

Common Skills- Notice, Magical Research, Willpower

Role Playing Skills- Academic, Alchemy, Astrology, Divination, History, Jeweler, Lore, Status, Abilities-Iron Will, Language,


The Skills listed below are in ranks.  This will tell you about how skilled that you are. Unlike most LARPs out there in the LFR you can start out quite powerful. Just remember experienced personas can and will use allies. As you can see if you do not pick any skill your listed as an average 0. Only by using luck can you hope to succeed. Any Skill with a < at the end of the description can be used as a negative to buy other skills up to the negative number amount.

-1 Low

0 Average

1 Apprentice

2 Skilled

3 Journeyman

4 Master

5 Grand Master

Agility- This is your quickness and evading skill. This is added to your TK along with your Stamina bonus. <

Assassin- This is the art of the quick kill. The rules for assassins differ from normal combat. The attack only works on the first swing/shot and it must be a unexpected attack. The Assassin skill is added to the Strength and the damage of the weapon of a surprise attack. The skill also does 100 points of Stamina per level. The Assassin bypasses Light Armor on 2nd level, Medium Armor on 3rd level, Heavy Armor on 4th Level, and Magical Shields on 5th level. Only consider the armor on the body/torso area. After the FIRST SURPRISE attack is noticed then the skill is ineffective in actual combat. The Assassin may opt to only knock out the persona. Damage is done as a normal Assassin attack but the victim is knocked out and no Stamina damage is taken. Must call out: ASSASSIN # of Damage and # of Stamina Damage

EXAMPLE: Tenara the Assassin has an Assassin Skill of 3. On a surprise attack with a sword and Strength 2 she can do 7 damage. She also at the same time does 300 Stamina killing most unwary sorts. She calls out "ASSASSIN 7 DAMAGE 300 STAMINA DAMAGE!" and stabs the peasant's daughter (TK 3 and a Stamina 200). Now they would bend to the wishes of the trade guild or awake a village full of people into a group of heroes! Notice most Assassins are not wanted around and if found out will be eviscerated. If you choose to be an Assassin let only the Sentinels know.

Deactivate- This is your ability to disarm traps and devices.

EXAMPLE: Jafaroo looked nervously at the trapped chest. He nervously played with the trap "KLINK" it clicked. He had once again not set off a trap and the party was saved!

Jafaroo had a Deactivate skill of 2. He goes to the trap and opens the folded index card it only says 1. It does not beat his skill so he carefully disarms the trap. It took 40 seconds of time. If he had failed everyone in the area would have taken 3 damage.

Escape- This is the ability to wriggle out of ropes. vs. rope use. It is also the ability to get out of a trap that would contain you. This however does not allow you to disarm trap.

Magical Research- The ability to create new spells. See the Magic section for more details.

Notice- This is the ability to sense someone in stealth, or a pick pocket. Opposed by Stealth, Pick Pockets, and Pick Locks. <

Pick Locks- This is the skill of picking a lock. One must buy a set of lock picks. The difficulty of such action depends on type of lock and difficulty of lock. Time taken is ten seconds per level of the lock.

Pick Pockets- This is the skill of stealing from the pockets of the unwary. It versus the Notice ability.

Poisons- The ability to identify and to create/brew poisons.

Rope Use- The skill of using ropes for various things such as tying up people.






Role playing skills are knowledge, social ranking, or craftsmanship skills used only for role playing. A role playing skill can start out at level 5.

Academic (R)- This is the knowledge of the written word, languages, and other scholarly fields.

Alchemy (R)- The ability to make potions, more on this in the Alchemy section. Opposed by an Alchemy GD. Must have Academic skill of at least level 2. See the section on Alchemy.

Armorer (R)- This is the ability to build and repair armor. See the section on Smith Shops.

Astrology (R)- The ability to discern events from the stars. Each day the Astrologer can foretell the future at GD. The Astrologer can  tell some events if given by the Plot Team. 

Bower / Fletcher (R)- The skill of creating bows, crossbows and arrows/bolts. See the section on Smith Shops.

Counterfeiting (R)- This is the ability to create fake currency

Divination (R)- The ability to tell the future with cards, runes, etc.

Farmwise (R)- This is the ability to work a farm for profit. See the section on Farms and Mines.

Forgery (R)- This is the ability to write fake documents and signatures.

Gamble (R)- The ability to gamble very well.                                           

Healing (R)- This is the ability to bind wounds. You heal others at a rate of your healing skill every 5 minutes. Could have a GD.

Haggle (R)- The ability to talk down a merchant at his prices. Can talk a merchant down 10% every level over.

History (R)- The knowledge of ancient and recent events past.

Jeweler (R)- The ability to appraise and create jewelry. See the section on Smith Shops

Law (R)- The knowledge and practice of the law.

Locksmith (R)- The ability to build locks. The ability to pick them just not as fast as a person with the Pick Lock skill. One minute per level of the lock. See the section on Smith Shops.

Lore (R)- This is the knowledge of the mystical, and the occult.

Merchant (R)- This is the rank and skill in the merchant career. You can appraise any item not cover by another skill.

Mining (R)- The ability to Produce ore/gold/gems from a mine. See the section on Farms and Mines

Seamanship (R)- The skill and knowledge of knowing the water ways.

Status (R)- This is you standing in your society. <

-2 Slave, lowlife, or criminal

-1 Servant, poor, or outcast

0  Commoner 

1  Low Nobel

2  High Nobel

3 Low Royal

4 High Royal

5 Crown. Possibly of Imperial blood


"So you say you are of Royal blood why don't you act like you are from royal blood! Instead of a rude spoiled brat! " Said Eldrad the Wizard to the Master of the Web.


Street wise (R)- This is your knowledge of the streets and crime. <

-2 Huh? what’s the streets?

-1 I have been to the city once.

0 Yeah every body knows what section of town is bad.

1 I can find illegal wines and cigars

2 I can find you a few thugs and extorts.

3 I can find an assassin for you.

4 I can give you maps of all the rich peoples houses.

5 I am the local crime boss in this area

Wood wise (R)- The knowledge of the woods, herbalist, animals, and not getting lost. Can gather raw material at level x 5 every 2 hours.


"The villagers would have all died save for the wisdom of the hunters, rangers, and druids" Excerpts from the History of the Middle Realms. A 200 volume set.


Weaponsmith (R)- The skill to build and repair weapons. See the section on Smith Shops.


0 Very Easy- Almost anybody can do it.

1 Easy- Some one could do it with a small amount of training or knowledge.

2 Moderate- Must be skilled or knowledgeable in order to do a take at this level.

3 Hard- Must be very skilled or have studied for years in order to succeed.

4 Very Hard- Must be a master at a skill or studied for a few decades in order to succeed.

5 Impossible-Must be a world expert or studied for many decades of specialized study in order to succeed.




Abilities are things that persona’s can do by pure luck or by great strain to the body or cannot be listed as a 1-5 skill. Any abilities that have 1 / day can only be done once per time purchased per day. Any ability with a x 2 cost 2 skill points instead of 1. A x1 Ability cost 10 Karma a x2 cost 20 karma etc.

Accuracy - The skill of placing a shot to do more damage. You add this to your damage with Missile Weapons.

Damage/ Skill Point Cost/Karma Cost

+1                 X1                      10

+2                 X5                      50

+3                 X10                  100

+4                 X20                  200

+5                 X40                  400

Berserk- Once a day can go berserk for Stamina in minutes.  Get +2 damage and + 4 TK. Must rest for 30 minutes afterwards and can only barely walk/crawl. Have Strength of -2 and Stamina of -2 (that is a TK of 1!) during this rest. If the Beserker runs or exerts himself during this time he starts losing Stamina as a killing blow. Can stack this Ability but rest time is also stacked. This must be declared at the start of a battle.  EXAMPLE: Konahn decides to use his  3 berserks all at once it last his Stamina x 3 in minutes. he will get + 6 to damage and + 12 TK. He must rest for 90 minutes afterwards. Screams BERSERK and must grunt and scream madly! 1/ day x 2.


Critical Hit - Your attack does double damage. You must say CRITICAL HIT. A miss waste the attack. 1/day x1.

Deflect Missiles- You can use your hands to deflect missiles. No verbal just Deflect with hands. x 2.

Disable Limb - You attack disables the limb hit. A miss waste the attack. It is disabled until it is healed. Verbal: DISABLE LIMB. 1/day x1.

Disarm- You can disarm an opponent by saying DISARM! 1/day. x1

Disease Resistance- Has a +1 resistance to diseases. x1

Dodge! - This is the ability to leap very quickly out of the way of an attack, a trap. Must say DODGE! You completely avoid that attack even if it hits you, quite valuable against assassination attempts. The Dodge must be done within 1 second after the attack or it fails. 1 / day. x1

Group Slam- You get to knock a whole group of people down   You must swing yourself in a circle being within 5 ft. of a group of people and say GROUP SLAM! 1/ day. x 2.

Hard to Kill- You get an additional +50 Stamina. This ability can be stacked. x1

Heroic Toughness- You get +1 TK. This represents the ability of an experienced hero to resist damage. You can get this ability as many times as you want stacking the amount up to +5 Heroic Toughness then the cost doubles every 5 points. x1for +1-5, x2 for + 6-10, x4 for + 11-15 etc.

Improved Sight- You have an additional +1 to Notice to see hidden things.

Improved Hearing- You have an additional +1 to Notice to hear hidden things.

Inheritance - You get 10% of your starting gold each event. x1                

Iron Will- You get to resist a magical attack that is not a damaging attack. Says IRON WILL 1 / day.

Language- Can speak another language x1

Luck - This is the uncanny ability to get out of trouble, or succeed if a field that you are not skilled enough in or have no ability in. You can add your Luck score to any one-skill/spell use. As far as spells are concerned you cannot use luck to cast a spell you don't even know.  This ability can be stacked. x1

EXAMPLE: Cat wants to pick a lock with a difficulty of 2. Cat has no Pick Locks skill. Cat spends 2 luck and the lock springs open. Cat gets back her luck after a full night’s sleep. A nut or acorn spray painted day glow red represents luck.


"How did you manage to do that?" Asked the old king. "Luck pure luck! " Said Baron Uklor.


Medium- You can talk to the dead and other sprits. You can see them and they know that you can see them. Wait this ability isn’t so good after all Cost x 2.


"I see the angel of death walking through the village. These are sure dark times!" Said the Medium Madme Telarah.


Poison Resistance- Has a + 1 resistance to poisons. x 2.

Quick Heal- Heals twice as fast as others. x 2

Seer- Has the gift of visions. 1/day the Sentinels will give him a vision on an index card. x1

Smash- Can destroy an object with a hit. 1/day. Must say SMASH! x1

Specialist- You only get to choose this once per weapon. It allows you to do 1 extra point with that weapon type only. Unlimited use. x1

Strength- This is your raw muscle power. A persona with a high strength can cause massive damage. Can lift and move very heavy things. <

-1 Can only lift the lightest things -1

0 Average human strength

1 Slightly athletic. Can use and lift 2 handed weapons. X1

2 Very athletic and strong. Most normal doors are no problem. Can use and lift Great weapons. X5

3 Super human strength. Metal doors can be broken down. X10

4 Giant strength. Can knock down reinforced doors. Throw boulders and huge items x20

5 Gargantuan strength. Can knock down reinforced steel doors. X40                 

Stun-You can knock an opponent out for 5 minutes with a successful strike. It does normal damage. 1/ day. If your opponent is wearing a helmet the Ability has no effect. Must call out damage and STUN! x1

Trip- Can trip any one person. 1/ day. Must say TRIP! x1






Guilds are groups of skilled people gathered together for a common cause such as betterment of the skilled craft or protection from competition. A guild can be as powerful as a house.



Orders are usually a religious, philosophical, mystical, and/or fraternal group of the same ideals. Many study magic or religion.


Gangs are criminals gathered together for a common cause. Gangs use intimidation and violence to get their agendas done. Many Thief gangs call themselves “thieves guilds” as a mocking toward merchant guilds that they so torment.
















































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