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Juinor Live Action Guild of Hackensack NJ

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For Parents and Players

Here are some frequently asked questions......
     Does it cost any money to plan in a JLAG event?
              For first time players, there is no charge, but for people tha have played JLAG before, there will ne a 3 dollar entrance fee. This money goes to fund weapons production, and IN-GAME equipment. The money also goes to fund the purchasing of In-Game snacks and drinks.
   Do you people think this stuff is REAL?
             Absolutley not.  Here and JLAG, we have no problem distiguishing the differences betwen reality and fantacy. No one here thinks what we are doing is real.
  Im not sure Im comfortable with my son playing a game that includes combat, why must there be violence in this game?
          The combat that occurs during a JLAG event, is very safe and organized. Not only are the players using special padded and hollow weaponry, but the combat etiquite during JLAG events, minimizes any chance of injury or discomfort.  But i will not disregard the fact that accidents DO happen.  The reason for combat in this game, is because the story line takes place in a Middle Ages/Fantacy time period, where quarells and arguments were almost always met with phisical confrontation. We are only trying to add a level of realism to our game.
 What is a MODUEL event?
    A module event, is a different type of adventure that is offered by the High Council of JLAG. A Module event, is where a guide, (ANDREW), leads a team of 2-3 people into the woods of Tolaria, (Borg's Woods), to attempt to obtain a hidden relic that may restore the corrupted sanctity of the forest. This is a high fantacy role playing game, and askes for a level of maturity from the players. Becasue of some frightening scenes and activities, we ask that only players 14 or older make an appointment to play.  While being led through the forest at night time, the team will enocounter the sinister, and demonic side of the Tolarian Forest. The event lasts for 1 1/2 hours, and is available by appointment only.
 I dont have materials or means to have a costume or Boffer weapon, how can I still play ?
 At all JLAG events, there are spare weaponry that can be used, and there is ALWAYS a cloak that may be used as a costume peice. EVERY ONE AT JLAG WILL ALWAYS HAVE SOME FORM OF COSTUME.

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Junior Live Action Guild. Hackensack NJ, 07601 USA