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Juinor Live Action Guild of Hackensack NJ

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In order to participate in a JLAG event, one must create a character for whom you will take on the personality of. Your character can be anyone of these: Elf, Human, Beast, Ork, Goblin, Dwarf, Half-Ork, Un-dead, Spirit, Dark Lunaria or Lunarai.  Your character can also be one of the following classes: Soldier, Knight, Thief, Assasin, Priest, Monk,  Necromancer, Mage, Peasant, Ranger, Barbarian, or Samurai. Every character that is created by a player must be okay-ed by the High Council of Junior Live Action Guild.
Role Playing Rules
Once the game has begun, it is very important that all players stay IN character and role play among the other participants. A JLAG game isn't very fun if someone isn't acting like the character they created. The game will run ALOT smoother if everyone stays in character ALWAYS. Unless of course you are injured or fear for your well-being. It also helps if you come in some form of costume, whether it be a simple cloak, or a suite of Chain Mail.
JLAG isn't all about combat, it's about interacting with one another in a new world that YOU created. A world that in every way is different from reality. Diplomacy and interaction with fellow gamers is imperative for smooth game play. Besides, no matter how fun it may be, 5 hours of combat is no fun for anyone.
Combat Rules
Combat can sometimes play a large role in the world of fantasy role playing. Because of this, we have created a SAFE and enjoyable system of combat. First off, character such as:Warrior, Knight, Theif, Assasin, Preist, Mage,  and Ranger all have 35 life points to start with. Barbarians , all start with 40 life points, due to their skill as warriors. Also keep in mind that life point totals can be increased by living through events (5 points every two events).  
Short Sword-
Bastard Sword-
Two Handed Sword
One handed Axe-
Staff- + any magic damage
Two Handed Axe-
Magic Rules
The magical spells in the world of JLAG are limited only to Shaman, Priests, Monks, Necromancers, Undead, and Lunaria. These spells are: Heal, Ressurect, Burn, Bolt, Conjuring (lvl 1)  Conjuring (lvl 2) ETC, In-Direct HEAL( GENERAL TARGET)  These spells may only be used twice each! Heal may only be given to a character that HAS NOT received a killing blow. Heal may only be administered to characters that still have life points and players that dont. Burn delivers an automatic 5 damage, and Bolt delivers an automatic 7 damage. ALL SPELLS MUST BE ANNOUNCED BEFORE CASTING! 
Weapon Use
All weapons used in JLAG must pass inspection by the High Council and must be BOFFER SAFE. Boffer means a weapon that is padded, so it inflicts minimal pain to the victim. ALL weapons are to be made out of PVC pipe and padded with closed-cell and open-cell pipe insulation. If the weapon does not pass inspection, it cannot be used in an event.
Character Progression
For every JLAG event that your character survives, he or she is then given a choice in upgrading their character. The possible upgrades are as follows:
+5 over all life points,  +2 to character base attack,  obtains a spell book that can be read over a certain period of time in order to learn a spell,
Special Character Classes
Barbarian- . Barbarians start with 35 life points, and are only capable of limited magical abilities, (only upgraded Shamahn obtainable by surviving 3 events). 
Necromancer- Necromancers are beings that are capable of raising the dead, and are capable of conjouring many other types of spiritual beings. Necromancers only have 30 life points and do a base attack of 5, but their magic ability is far superior than most. Necromancers are given 2 heal spells, and 2 conjouring spells. These conjouring spells may be used to temporarily add +5 to the Necromancers next attack.This bonus represents the fact that The deamon or spirit he has conjured is assisting him in his attack. The player must announce that he is to use a conjouring spell, BEFORE the attack is made.
Peasents- are the town folk of the Tolarian woods. Peasents may come and go as they please, and live a relatively simple and peacfull lives. Peasents may go about their lives walking around the woods, interacting with the other players. Peasents have limited fighting ability, and no magic ability. When fighting, peasents do a base attack of 2, and may only use a dagger or short sword. Peasents have a HP of 20.
 Samurai- These skilled warriors are revered throughout the world, and are a force to be reconed with. Samurai hail from the easter fringes of the world, and usually travel alone. It is rare to see a Samurai travalling or fighting along side some one who isnt a fellow Samurai. Becasue of the Samurai's elite fighting skill, they get a 5 base attack, and a +1 on their weapon bonus, since ALL SAMURAI USE KATANNAS! Samurai do however only have 30 life points.
Monks- these men of god (non-denomonational) see the world as an opportunity to spread the good will of the spiritual world, to all. Despite their peacefull demeinor, monks can be quite deadly on the battle feild. Monks have 20 life points, but get +2on critical hits. Monks may only use staffs, and have 3 healing abilities.
Assasin- Assasins specialize in clean, descrete, and slyfull killings. A good assasin is capable of ending a characters life without drawing attention to anyone.
Becasue of this, Assasins get +5 on strikes to the back, and +5 on critical hits.
Assasins start with 30 life points, and are not capable of magic abilities.
JOBS and TRADES-   during your time as a player in JLAG, you can learn one of the following trades........
      SMITH- A smith is someone who has the ability to make armor, and arms. This Skill takes 2 living events to master, and one must open a forge in the town in order to get weapon and armor bonuses.  A smith may also make weapons for other players.
      CONSTABLE- A constable is a man or women who patrols the town, looking for anyone who is breaking, or in danger of breaking the law of the land. After beig a constable for 2 live events, the player is permited to carry a second weapon of any kind. A constable has the right to apprehend any player he or she thinks is a threat to the Tolarian community.
      Spy-  A spy is basically a man for hire, that is used to find out certain "hard to get" information. After 2 living events a Spy may choose from eithercarrying two weapons, or recieving a wage of 10 gold per mission.
      Baron- The Baron is the keeper of the town, and is the one who has all the say when it comes to law and order. The Title of Baron can only be obtained via a vote from the Citizens of Tolaria, and may only be overthrown by force. The Baron had the opportunity to pick soldiers in his name.
     General-   A general takes on a comanding presence on the battle feild, and may only obtain this trade by surviving 10 battles. A battle is described as being a melee that consists of 6 or more fighters.
LAWS OF TOLARIA-   these are the laws of the Land of Tolaria...
             1)  If one is found to kill in cold blood, the perpetrator is subject to execution if caught and found guilty by a jury of his peers, pending a fair and just trial.
            2)  Robbery is punishable by comfiscating of weaponry for a certain period of time. No trial is needed in the case of a robbery perpetrator.
            3) Heresy against the Word of Orith, (the religion of the land) is punishable by death, pending a trial and jury of his or her peers.
            4)   Mutiny or Rebellion against the Baron and/or his minions is punishable by imediate death
            5)   Drunkeness and  roudyness is punishable by a spell in the pillory for 10 minutes.
      Orithian- This is a most popular religion among the citizens of Tolaria. The God, Orith, is said to be most compationate to those who truley beleive and worship his might. The folowers also proclaim, that Orith's wrath is a force far greater than any weapon man can devise. The true folowers of Orith are said to be a very seriouse bunch, and devote themselves to spreading the word of Repentia, ( the Orithian consept of life).  These Repentists are known well in these parts of the forest. Their presence should not be taken lightly.
    Armagh-  Armagh is the beleife in a spiritualness of one's self, That all the guidence and reconing comed from whithin the conteince of one's self. Followers of Armagh are usually very rough and rude people, and are usually never desireable in etiquite. Basically, Armagh is a religion of self repentance and guidedence.
    Followers of Sattanesh- The Followers of Sattanesh are usually very dark and mysterious people. Sattanesh, transalated as, " The Dark All-Mighty", is a dark being, that is said to hold dominon over the entire world of darkness. All things terrible are said to come from the will of Sattanesh. In the Orithian Scriptures, It states that Sattanesh is the twin brother of Orith the virturous, and were seperated at birth. Those who worship Sattanesh practice their religion with Demonic Summonings, and Rituals to vile to speak of. The steady mind set of a follower of Sattanesh, is that all beings who stand against the Might of Satanesh, are to smouted with out question. Sattanesh is kind to those who accept him, but his true malice is felt by those who deny his dominion over the earth.
            In-Game Etiquite
When participating in a JLAG event, it is important to realize, that the game is not centered on combat. Infact, the game isn't centered on ANYTHING. You affect your world, and YOU make your own decisions. We have to realize that your character will DIE very quickly if alll you do is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Be smart, and make the right decisions.

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Junior Live Action Guild. Hackensack NJ, 07601 USA