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Juinor Live Action Guild of Hackensack NJ

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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our Mission

Our organization makes it our duty to offer a getaway from the modern world; a chance to re-live the Medieval past. We offer a safe and healthy enviroment for teens to become someone else, to interact with teens just like them, and to discover the art of Medieval combat. Come and enjoy a day with the best group of gamers around. What do you have to lose?

Our History

Junior Live Action Guild was first started in May of 2004.  The founder, Andrew, thought up the idea of having a live action group, while stumbling across a LARP website on the internet. Andrew brought up the idea to a few of his friends, who were all active RPG and fantasy game players. They all decided to give it a try. Andrew mustered up some funds, and bought a few toy weapons, weapons that we would soon learn WEREN'T suited for Role Play Combat. The first event of the Junior Live Action Guild was on May 14th and took place in Borg's Woods in Hackensack NJ. The players (Dave, Rob, Andrew, and Mark), all agreed that the first JLAG event was a hit, and they all wanted more events in the future. The once small force of only four players has now swelled to 20 active members. JLAG is always looking for new players.


Junior Live Action Guild. Hackensack NJ, 07601 USA